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Guy Harvey Outpost Expedition

Isla Mujeres, Mexico 23-27 March 2014

Research Objectives:  To deploy satellite tags on a minimum of ten Shortfin mako sharks, the fastest swimming shark and close cousin to the great white shark. Fisheries landings data indicate populations are declining due to overfishing and the species is now listed as Vulnerable to extinction on the IUCN Red List. Mako sharks are heavily fished worldwide for their meat and their fins are highly valued in the international fin trade.

The Guy Harvey Research Institute is researching these aspects of makos by tagging them with satellite tags in various parts of the world, including Isla Mujeres where they seem to congregate in the Spring. more clear assessment of the overall movement behavior of the makos in this region. Tracking information will be provided to management and conservation agencies in Mexico and the US who are working together to prevent further declines of this species.
The research team was fishing with Captain Anthony Mendillo and his Keen M Sportfishing team, an Outpost Expedition Fishing Outfitter.

To track the Mako Sharks tagged, please go to:
Guy Harvey Research Institute (GHRI),
Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center

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